Must reads

The articles below are our corner stone articles which we would recommend if you don’t fancy the whole tour.

Are matches made even?

In this post we discuss the broader notion of the handicapping and momentum theories, namely that EA will try to help out inferior players by handicapping their opponents. Using solid evidence, we demonstrate why this claim is a myth.

Would scripting make EA richer? An analysis of EA’s purported motives

Does EA have a commercial reason to manipulate matches? While this might seem likely at a glance, the speculated motives doesn’t stand up for closer scrutiny. In this article, we poke some obvious holes in the most common speculations regarding why EA would have a commercial interest in making us lose on purpose.

Why relegation streaks occur

How does relegation streaks happen? An understandable complain is that you experience some incredible and hence also suspecious up’s and down’s while playing FUT seasons. In this article, we explain why this happens, using logic and solid evidence.

How ELO matchmaking picks your next opponent

How does FUT pick out my opponents? EA hasn’t been too open in their communications, but here is something they actually did share: That ELO matchmaking is used in the game. We decided to see if we could verify it in order to get a better understanding of who our opponents actually are.

Are high rated squads handicapped?

Are high rated squads handicapped? You sometimes lose despite having the far better squad, but is it really true that high rated squads are handicapped? In this post, we use solid evidence to refute that claim.

Why people believe in scripting and handicapping

Why do people believe in scripting and handicapping if it doesn’t exist? In this article, we explain the psychology behind conspiracy theories and demonstrate how it applies to the scripting and handicapping conspiracy theories as well.


Is there evidence indicating that FIFA is scripted?

What about all the evidence indicating that there is something fishy going on? In this article, we look into the alleged evidence supporting scripting and handicapping and explain why it fails to meet basic, scientific requirements.