Is scripting aka momentum aka handicapping real or is it just a conspiracy theory driven by a lack of willingness to accept the harsh realities of football?

We took the skeptic’s approach and decided to investigate the matter from a scientific angle. Since 2015, we have thoroughly examined all the evidence with relevance to the scripting debate that we could get our hands on. In addition to that, we have conducted our own experiments in order to test some of these assertions and perhaps develop a better understanding of what really goes on inside the game.

Evidence in favor of manipulation

In the articles below, we present and analyze evidence presented in support of the assertion that FIFA is manipulated one way or another. Using standard scientific measures, we investigate whether the evidence presented in favor of manipulation in reality does support that assertion.

Evidence against manipulation

A substantial and growing amount of evidence contradicts the claim that FIFA is subject to some kind of manipulation. In the articles below, we present some of the sources arguing that there is no such thing as scripting.

We explain FIFA

Finally, we look into some of the reasons why FIFA truly can be a highly frustrating experience. Why do I lose to lesser players? Why do 90th minute goals occur? Who do losing streaks and relegation streaks occur? Why are seasons so inconsistent? The posts below explain some of the more common phenomena which lead people to believe that FIFA is manipulated.

Background articles

The articles below are neither evidence or counter evidence, but they afe nevertheless interesting if your aim is to get to a deeper understanding of this debate. Take a look.