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FIFA can be an extremely frustrating experience. Your players don’t do as you intended, and your opponent walks right through your defense. Experiences have given rise to the most disputed claim in the FIFA community: That FIFA matches are manipulated.

Should we believe it? Are the alleged concepts of handicapping, scripting and momentum real or is it just another conspiracy theory?

During the last year, I have examined the evidence in support of the assertion that FIFA matches are manipulated. Till this date, I still haven’t seen anything which leads me to conclude that it is more likely than unlikely that EA manipulates matches on purpose. On the contrary, a number of facts points to other explanations as the most likely causes of the very real events which frustrate us.

I think it makes every bit of sense to keep challenging EA to do something about the things that frustrate us. However, I find it completely obvious that putting forward unsubstantiated conspiracy theories isn’t going to help EA improve anything. Telling EA to remove something which isn’t there won’t make any difference what so ever. If we want EA to make changes, we need to tell them what really is wrong.

The aim of this section of my blog is to provide input for a more qualified dialogue with EA about some of the things that all of us would like to see changed within this game!


To spare you from reading everything below, I recommend this article, which provides a brief overview.

Alleged evidence in favor of handicapping

In the articles below, I present and analyse the evidence and argumentation put forward by scripting- and handicapping believers.

Counter evidence

Can you actually prove that FIFA isn’t manipulated? Not exactly, but there is a substantial amount of counter evidence, which essentially refutes some of the claims made by scripting- and handicapping believers.

Alternative explanations

Why do I lose to lesser players? Why do 90th minute goals occur? Who do losing streaks and relegation streaks occur? Why are seasons so inconsistent? The posts below explain some of the more common phenomena which lead people to believe that FIFA is manipulated.

Background articles

The articles below are neither evidence or counter evidence, but they afe nevertheless interesting if your aim is to get to a deeper understanding of this debate. Take a look.