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I’m an independent author presenting my own opinions. I have a scientific background and have worked with statistics and data analytics for the last 15 years. I started playing football games in the mid eighties and FIFA on and off since 1999.

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Why I write about scripting / handicapping

Let me be absolutely clear about one thing: I find the game just as frustrating as everybody else. However, I also realize that putting forward unsubstantiated conspiracy theories isn’t going to improve anything. The frustrations are real, but the explanations we are forwarding to EA are not. If we want EA to make changes, we need to tell them what really is wrong. Telling EA to remove something which isn’t and never has been part of the game won’t make any difference what so ever. Hence, the primary purpose of this entire exercise is to get to a real understanding of why these things happen.

Am I affiliated with EA?

No. If you read some of my posts, you will find that they in some areas are critical to EA’s approach with respect to game design.

Am I working alone?

No. I have a couple of co-editors working with idea generation, reviewers or guest writers from time to time.

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Comments are welcomed! It’s okay that you disagree as long as your comments are relevant, respectful, open-minded and constructive.

I will gladly present posts written by others, including people with other opinions than my own. The only rule is that if you want to make a post suggesting that you have evidence, it will undergo a review which will be presented together with it.

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