Who is behind FUTfacts?

FUTfacts is run and operated by a small group of independent writers and FUT lovers.

Why are you writing about scripting / handicapping?

Let’s be absolutely clear about one thing: We find the game just as frustrating as everybody else. However, we also realize that putting forward more or less insane and unsubstantiated claims isn’t going to improve the game. If we want EA to make changes, we need to tell them what really is wrong. Asking EA to remove something which doesn’t exist won’t change a thing. Hence, the primary purpose of FUTfacts is to get to a better understanding of the games and the real problems surrounding it.

Are you affiliated with EA?

No, and if you read our posts, you notice that they in some areas are critical to EA’s approach with respect to game design.

Can I comment?

Yes. Comments are always welcome. It’s okay that you disagree as long as your comments are relevant, respectful, open-minded and constructive.

Do you welcome contributions and differentiating opinions?

Yes, definitely. We are more than happy to present contributions from others, including people with different opinions as long as you are willing to let your contribution undergo the same review as any other post on the site.

How can I support you guys?

It takes a lot of time and money to keep a site like FUTfacts up. Please support us by donating, using the button on the right.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or whatever you like.

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