Did I just get hit by scripting?


Earlier this week, this happened to yours truly:

A lucky save on to the cross bar followed by an absolutely spectacular clearance where the defender uses his heel to clear the ball through his other leg while standing on the goal line. Yup, that’s right. I don’t even think Messi could have managed that.

No doubt, a lot of FIFA players would have deemed this scripting had it happened in the 90th minute in a match which they were leading by 1-0. Following that, we would have seen a tirade or ranting about how EA helps out inferior players supported with references to EA’s nemly published article about Dynamic Difficulty Adjustments.

But the circumstances behind the clip above makes it more than clear why such allegations are ridiculous.

Four reasons why this isn’t scripting

First and foremost, there wasn’t an inferior party which needed a helping hand in this match. The footage is from my Squad Battles match against Diego Maradona’s selected 11, which featured as the selected squad in week 10. Hence, no  human player was saved here.

Second, this save happened in a match which I ended up winning 7-0, meaning that the save made no difference what so ever.

Third, the clearance didn’t really prevent a goal which should have happened. In fact, the clearance wouldn’t have been necessary if the very same defender hadn’t made a clumsy first touch. In addition to that, this chance was never really bound for goal. I finished much too close to the keeper, giving him the opportunity to make the save. Hence, this wasn’t really a huge change up until the point where the defender made the previously mentioned clumsy first touch.

The point to make

What I want you to realize is that the event above couldn’t have happened because EA wanted to help out a lesser player or wanted to make the match tight. The alleged motives behind scripting do not apply here. The only meaningful explanation to the events in that clip is that it was a coincidence spiced up with a collision detection glitch where the ball goes through the defender’s leg.

If such events are the product of coincidence and glitches in situations like the one above, then why on earth are people so sure that they are the product of deliberate manipulation when they happen to decide the match?

I simply don’t see the reason.


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