Fact check: Is “dramatic moments” equal to momentum in FIFA 18?


A recent interview with FIFA’s game producer Sam Rivera on the gaming site Kotaku has yet again sparked the community’s conspiracy division. Should this interview lead us to believe that momentum exists in FIFA 18 or is it just the usual brain-spin-while-jumping-to-conclusions hitting the community? We decided to read the interview ourselves.

What’s all the fuzz about this time? Sam Rivera happens to use the word “moment”, which coincidentally sounds a bit like momentum:

“This is a very good example I’ll give you — one of the new features we have is called Dramatic Moments…”
(Sam Rivera on Kotaku.co.uk)

Is Dramatic Momentum momentum? Considering that people have been complaining about momentum for years, a feature which isn’t even introduced yet probably isn’t the root cause behind these complaints. After all, time tends to move forward, not backwards.

What is Dramatic Moments?

Rivera explains Dramatic Moments as a feature which should create more realism i relation to scoring wonder goals. Like in real life, the context should influence your ability to pull off something outerworldly. To get an even better understanding of the new feature, we tracked down another recent pre release interview with EA’s Matt Prior, which may shed some more clarity about these mysterious Dramatic Moments:

“Last year, certain features were harder to do for the more casual users. We felt the big moments are what make football great, but they were limited to certain users who were super-advanced. So we just added more of an opportunity to do the kind of wondergoals you see on there.

Skill moves is another one where some people aren’t aware of how to do them. It’s only like the top-level few that do them, so it’s about bringing the cool stuff more to the masses. Giving people the opportunity to do more wondergoals and the like.”
(Matt Prior on Balls.ie)

So, what this basically boils down to is adding more context sensitive wonder goals to the game play.

Is Dramatic Moments momentum?

Here comes the million dollar question: Does adding more context sensitive wonder goals sound like changing the tide of the match in order to keep it tight (aka momentum)? Call me unimaginative but these concepts seem as far apart as horse shoes and cheesecake to me.

Besides, it’s worth noting that the information about Dramatic Moments comes from EA. There is this fould smell of cherry-pickerism about insisting to read proof of conspiracy into the words of a source, while at the same time denying that same source any credibility when it denies that very same conspiracy. And to put it in the words of the aforementioned Matt Prior in the aforementioned Balls.ie interview:

“We don’t implement [Magic Moments] artificially. This is a question we get all the time about scripting, momentum, rubber-banding and all that kind of stuff. I can assure you there is none of that in there. It’s about allowing the users the tools to achieve those [moments] if those opportunities arise. We won’t script anything like that. I would just use the analogy of real-world football; you get those moments in real world football. I’m a Man City fan and I saw plenty of games this year where we had 80% possession, and then the other team would just break down and score a goal. I’ve had people say to me, ‘that happened to me in FIFA, it’s scripted’. But that’s the beauty of sport. Our game is a representation of the real sport, so you will get moments where it just feels unfair.”
(Matt Prior on Balls.ie)

So, no proof this time either.

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