People score more goals per match on PS4


Let’s break the news: Players score more goals per game on PS4 than on Xbox.

We don’t know exactly why, and it’s an intriguing discovery, when considering that the two consoles ought to be nearly the same.

Although most of my articles are related to the scripting / handicapping / momentum debate, I occasionally write about other topics too. This is one of those occasions. Some of my latest posts have been centered around player performance data gathered from the transfer market by FIFA-gamers-pub. Apart from establishing (again!) that handicapping is a myth, FGP’s data allows for other, interesting insights as well. One such discovery is the fact that players score more goals per game on PS4 than on Xbox.

Some examples:

  • Griezmann 0,63 vs 0,62
  • Lukaku 0,61 vs 0,59
  • Lewandowski 0,66 vs 0,64
  • Modeste 0,60 vs 0,57
  • Immobile 0,59 vs 0,57

Even though I didn’t survey all players, I only managed to find one or two examples where it was the other way around while browsing 30-40 players.

It’s difficult to tell what lies behind this difference. One of the reasons why this is a puzzling discovery is that PS4 has considerably more players than Xbox. More players should, all other things equal, mean that the game’s ELO algorithm would generate more even matches, which in turn should lead to more even matches.

The thing we don’t know is whether PS4 matches actually are more even and just contain more goals, or whether they in fact are the opposite: Less even.

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