The worst and funniest arguments we have encountered


Being part of the scripting debate can be an interesting experience. Some of the arguments that people put up to defend their ‘religion’ are simply out of this world. Per suggestion from one of our readers, we decided to bring you this bouquet of examples of some of the more absurd statements we have come across.

So, apparently handicapping isn’t on all consoles:

“Most people who say they haven’t experienced [handicapping] are talking about older Fifa games, or Fifa14 on previous gen which isn’t as bad.”

And then there was this guy, who thought that EA for some reason didn’t like a particular style of play (his particular style of play):

“The engine handicaps people who play possession/smart passing. The engine AIDS players who do nothing but lob through balls and have over-all low possession and poor passing stats especially in the first half.”

The angrier you are, the more money you will spend…

“[W]hen you win the final you are rewarded with a gold pack (which for me is useful for the contracts). When you are unjustly deprived of that (by way of losing a scripted game or being disconnected after having won the game) you do not get that pack but are left frustrated and angry causing you to use points or coins to buy the pack that you rightfully won”

There is literally no other explanation than scripting when someone wins 1-0 after scoring in the 90th minute:

“If I have not allowed a goal in the first 44 or 89 minutes what helps my opponent score in the last minute or stoppage time? Don’t say fatigue, it is not even an option. It is coding.”

Obviously, no real life football teams have experienced winning three times in a row and then lose:

“If I have a 5 star, 84 rated UT squad, come up against three 65 rated squads in a row, beat them 4-0, 6-0, 8-0, then come up against a fourth 65 rated squad & lose 1-0, no I’m sorry thats manipulation.”

The ‘if I can’t win 5-0, nobody can’ type:

“all sports games have scripting ! it seams like now a days it’s impossible to have a blow-out result (5-0)..”

There is no chance what so ever that the opponent could be influencing the result:

“In Ultimate Team the only thing that should make your team play bad is if your players’ fitness is too low (under 90 i can personally feel a difference). The rest should be up to you.”

Well, maybe you are just bad:

“I believe there is handicap I have an absolute beast of a team but somehow I can barely win with them I maybe get two wins the I go on a massive losing streak it is completely annoying”

“Seriously it’s SO bad for my account that I am at a loss for words, no matter what team I create, or their rating I keep getting matched with players from lower Divisions than myself resulting in a crazy handicap for me. Just played a guy 87+ rating with In form Modric, Messi, Bale, Iniesta and even got massively handicapped against him. This may sound crazy but I’m honestly beginning to think they can select which accounts to handicap even more in the background; as a retribution for all the shit I’ve been posting on reddit here and their forums.”

“Yes I’m not quite certain how there are certain people out there who don’t experience handicap. The majority do. I have a very strong suspicion however that EA can flip a switch on the backend of certain accounts so they probably don’t handicap fewer accounts out there so that there will be a rift created in the community.”

People who just don’t think coincidences should happen EVER!!!!

“I was playing a match against handicap + opponent and had 3 shots that should be goals but missed, and even then I managed to partially draw by 1 – 1, but at minute 84, in a corner kick Casillas went for a hand clearance but instead of a clear he punched the ball to the goal, an own goal from the goalkeeper!!! and using the hand!!!!”

“If I dominate a game 60% possession with 15 shots on target and my opponent 3 shots on target and I get beat then there is something not right.”

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