When the opponent’s goal keeper gets a 9.9 post match rating


If you play FUT on a regular basis, you will come by matches where you literally shoot and shoot without scoring a lot of goals. And then, when you get to the post match evaluation, you see the goal keeper with a 10.0 rating.

The opponent’s keeper was awarded Man of the match and got a 10.0 rating in a squad which otherwise didn’t perform at all. The fact that the keeper often gets the man of the match reward under these circumstances has added further fuel to the fire among people who suspect that FIFA is rigged against them. No matter whether it’s the fact that you shoot and shoot without scoring or the fact that the goal keeper gets a 10/10 rating, that leads people to suspect foul play, the fact remains that the keeper’s rating very often is brought up in scripting threads in various community fora:

“More precalculated decision engine shite…if u have already decided i will not be allowed to win, just tell me so and end the misery…dont make me hit the woodwork 4 times in a match and have the opposition Superman-in-goal make 10 saves for a match rating of 9.9/10.0.”
(– AP on FIFAAddiction)

“I literally just played a game i’m in Div 3 and i had 12 shots 10 on target with my opponents joe hart getting a 9.6 match rating and man of the match, this seems to happen alot i feel lie fifa doesn’t want me to score i end up hitting the bar or the post or a shot that would go in any other game. ”
(– Shaun Ward on FIFAUTEAM)

Why does the keeper get a 10/10 rating in matches where the opposing players took a lot of shots without scoring?

What controls the keeper’s rating?

First and foremost, the keeper’s rating depends on a couple parameters, which are relatively easy to excel in: (a) the number of goals allowed and (b) the number of saves made. The keeper is fully AI controlled, meaning that the player’s skill level has no direct influence on the keeper’s performance. Rather, the keeper’s rating depends on the opposing player’s skill level: All it really takes to turn an otherwise unskilled player’s keeper into ‘monster of the match’ is a lot of impatient finishing from his opponent.

Second, FIFA’s keepers have their strengths and weaknesses. As an example of a strength, they appear to have almost super human reflexes and, might I add, super-sized arms and legs. Consequently, scoring from close range shots is more difficult in FIFA than in real life in certain situations. In particularly when you use assisted shooting, you may find it harder to utilize close range shots, because the keeper will cover the preferred shooting angles chosen by the shooting assistant. As a consequence, you may end up seeing multiple close range shots taken in short order being deflected by the keeper.

Our article on YouTube videos contains a couple of quite representative examples of this phenomenon. What you should notice about them is primarily a lot of shooting from positions which aren’t very likely to produce goals. At the same time, I notice a lack of ability to utilize open passing options which would have led to a far bigger chance of scoring. Hence, these situations don’t occur because the game doesn’t want the player to score, but rather because he fails to realize that he is taking shots which under any set of circumstances are unlikely to produce goals.

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