I’m in a higher division in H2H seasons than FUT seasons – handicapping?


Perhaps you are one of those people who has been able to make it further up in the divisional hierarchy in H2H seasons than in FUT seasons. In this article, we look into whether this performance difference could be considered evidence in support of scripting in FUT seasons.

Quite a few people have experienced it being easier to get to the higher divisions in H2H seasons than in FUT seasons. Some people find that this observations is evidence of scripting:

“I still can’t fathom how on H2H seasons I’m in div 4 (and most likely going to get even further because I haven’t played enough games to give myself an opportunity to really get to div 1), and I hover between fut divs 8 and 7… Wouldn’t you also think that the fut opponents would be easier, as the newer lesser skilled players would be all playing the more advertised mode? Strange IMO. “
(– EpicFIFABadger on FUTHEAD forums)

EpicFIFABadger isn’t claiming that this difference in performance is caused by handicapping, but we bring the quote up because it was made in the context of the scripting debate.

So, what’s wrong?

Questionable assumptions, questionable results

The argument presented by Badger rests on the assumption that FUT is easier than H2H seasons, because more people are playing it. We don’t know anything about whether this is true, and you can make just as plausible assumptions leading to the opposite result such as arguing that FUT is harder, because it’s more prestigious due to the high number of participants. According to a straw poll run on Reddit, 3 in 4 players found H2H seasons to be easier than FUT seasons, and although this doesn’t prove these people right, it definitely brings the validity of the Badger’s assumption into question.

Other explanations

The other problem with Badger’s line of arguing is a classic in the scripting debate: Namely failure to eliminate other possible explanations.

There could be all sorts of reasons why you aren’t able to make the same amount of progress within H2H seasons and FUT seasons. Aside from the fact that H2H seasons could be easier, we would like to stress that a person’s divisional status isn’t the set-in-stone measure of his capability level that some people obviously believe.

As we explained in an earlier article, a person’s current division is far more random than most people probably expect, meaning that a difference in divisional status between H2H seasons and FUT seasons easily could be the coincidental. In fact, I would put my money on that the majority of the players, who play both game modes, are in different divisions. That’s just how random the seasons concept is.

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