Handicapping and scripting: Why is it banned on EA’s forum if they have nothing to hide?


Discussions regarding scripting and handicapping are banned on EA’s own forum. What other reasons than hiding the truth could this potentially serve? I will look into it in this short post.

You definitely aren’t welcome on EA’s forum if you want to discuss scripting. Community Manager Rob Hodson’s latest edition of the forum rules reads as follows:

“Do not discuss handicap, momentum or scripting.”

EA’s official FIFA forum rules

Some scripting believers argue that the decision to ban these discussions is evidence in support of the perception that scripting exists:

“I created a post on their forum with steps to reproduce it; guess what. I got banned, (…)  so even though I was trying to out a potential ‘bug’ they decided to put words into my mouth and call it scripting/handicap. All I was speaking about was the mechanics that I could reproduce and was frustratingly experiencing. So you tell me, why on earth would a company ban a topic that’s frustrating core game-play and experienced by an extremely high percentage of their players.”
(– vdruts on ultimateteam.co.uk)

Why would a company ban topics like scripting and handicapping from their forum? The best answer I can come up with is – for the same reasons that a number of privately held community sites have banned it, namely that it over and over again has proven to lead to some quite heated debates.

Banning the topic on your forum isn’t going to stop people from discussing it elsewhere or for that matter keep it a secret. Aside from that, please note that the forum contains numerous threads on the topic, so they aren’t really trying to hide it as such.

One thought on “Handicapping and scripting: Why is it banned on EA’s forum if they have nothing to hide?

  • 2016-09-04 at 22:04

    If you do as simple as possible, you can simply bypass the ban. Try to use advanced.name/ru, if You will not let me on a website.


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